midas FX+ Modeler is a leading Finite Element Analysis modelling tool. Equipped with advanced geometric modelling functions and powerful mesh generation algorithms, users can create complex geometric data for accurate FE modelling. midas FX+ Modeler is capable of modelling any complex configuration encountered in civil/architectural structures and industrial facilities. Generated meshes can be produced in various types of data files that are fully compatible with midas Gen, midas Civil, NastranFX and midas NFX.

User-Friendly Framework

  • User-Friendly Interface: midas FX+ Modeler offers an integrated working environment, which encompasses various Windows and Menu Systems. In turn, this provides an optimised environment for Modelling, Visualisation and Simulation.
  • Works Tree: Works Tree takes the form of Windows Explorer, which lists all the items pertaining to the project file being worked on. Works Tree enables the user to systematically check the entire contents of work performed.
  • Graphic Display: midas FX+ Modeler provides many ways of representing graphical displays for Geometry and Mesh, which allow the user to freely manipulate the model views in the modelling process.

midas FX+ User-Friendly Framework



Geometric Modelling

  • Curve Modelling: midas FX+ Modeler provides various high quality modelling functionalities available with a mid-range CAD software, including curve creation and curve modifications.
  • Surface Modelling: midas FX+ Modeler provides surface modelling functions including primitive surface, surface patch and surface operation.
  • Solid Modelling: midas FX+ Modeler provides solid modelling functions including primitive solid, surface operation and Boolean operation.
  • Advanced Modelling: midas FX+ Modeler provides advanced modelling functions including surface/solid creation, surface/solid modification, geometry manipulation and geometry check.
  • Data Exchange: midas FX+ Modeler supports import and export geometries through various file types. Analysis data can be imported through other MIDAS software (such as midasCivil) and Nastran.
  • TGM (Terrain Geometry Maker): TGM is an exclusive module program for midas FX+ Modeler, which creates Geometry (Surface, Solid) representing complex ground surface information from a digital map (DXF format).

midas FX+ Geometric Modelling


Mesh Generation

  • Auto Mesh Generation: midas FX+ provides Auto-mesh, Map-mesh & Protrude-mesh methods to easily and conveniently generate optimum meshes for complex models of any particular configuration.
  • Size Control: midas FX+ Modeler provides various element size control methods for effectively generating quality meshes for complex models.
  • Mesh Manipulation: midas FX+ Modeler supports a variety of mesh manipulation and checking functionality. Especially, Contact elements can be extracted from the surfaces of solids of 3-D meshes. 

midas FX+ Mesh Generation